Thursday, 8 January 2009

Agoraphobia Treatment

Whenever agoraphobia is the topic of discussion, the question what

agoraphobia treatment is best, eventually comes up? But in truth it’s very
difficult to say. It’s a little bit like asking which pop group is best? The old
saying “one mans meat is another mans poison” is true for agoraphobia treatment
in more ways than one! It’s really a matter of preference and one of weighing up
the odds.

Medication is a prime example, some people find Anti-anxiety agents, such as
Ativan helpful in controlling their symptoms, while others hate the thought of
taking any form of medication, it really is “horses for courses.”

Not everyone gets on with counselling either, spending hours reliving traumatic
life events, over and over is particularly stressful to many people and progress
is often slow if any is made at all. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is
another area of agoraphobia treatment that has its supporters and detractors,
with many people complaining about the lengthy treatment duration

and achievement of only a desensitising rather than complete removal of the

Of all the difficulties experienced by people seeking agoraphobia treatment,
perhaps the most serious is the difficulty in receiving treatment at home. There
are very few opportunities for this either privately or through the public
health system and this one hurdle often represents the biggest single challenge
faced by agoraphobia sufferers.

One company offering home visits is BeOnForm, who use effective modern methods,
far removed from traditional CBT or counseling. The fact that their therapy is
conducted at the clients home, is totally non invasive and free from any type of
medication, makes them almost unique in agoraphobia treatment.

This modern approach to agoraphobia
treatment uses a combination of
Thought Field
Therapy (TFT) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to tackle the root
causes of agoraphobia in a fast efficient manner.

Whilst this doesn’t work for everyone, their success rate is in the order of 95%
a far cry from traditional medicines meager achievements. Little wonder then,
that many people believe that this modern private healthcare, delivered at home,
represents the best agoraphobia treatment option available.

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