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Xandrox as a Hair Replacement

As the evolution of so many shampoos and other hair treatments, we could never forget to mention the Xandrox. It is one of the popular hair loss treatments today. It could be considered as hair replacement medication.

Hair replacement as we all know comes in many forms. It could be procedural, systems or medication. Xandrox medication is one hair replacement that can get back ones hair naturally. It is also more affordable than hair transplantation. It can also be used easily as it only requires application to the balding area.

Xandox comes in three varieties: Day Formula, Night Formula and Xandrox 12.5 percent. Its a cream that is applied on the frontal hair line. Many people choose to use this product over other hair loss treatments because of it has less side effects. Its contents are made up of minoxidil 5% or 12.5%, azelaic acid 5% and dihydrotestosterone. FDA approved the Minoxidil because it is proven to be effective in curing hair loss. Azelaic Acid contains active formulas that are potent inhibitor of 5-alpha reductase in the body. Also it reduces dihydrotestosterone in the human body. If dihydrotestosterone is less, the hair loss problem will also lessen. These two merged ingredients results to a more effective treatment than just Minoxidil alone.

But still we can’t say that there is still no side effects. The medicine can cause itching, and flaking. Azelaic acid also may cause burning and irritation of the scalp. However, there is another type of Xandrox which contains the Bethamasone Valerate Corticosteroid counteracts this bad effect. Corticosteroids may be one of the problems you will experience if using this for a long period. Thinning of the skin, skin damage, and may lead to brittle bones or diabetes another possibility. Betamethasone-free Xandrox is more recommended if itching will not occur. Betamethasone-free Xandrox and regular Xandrox is claimed to be effective as well.

Overall, you must only use this medication under the assistance and recommendation of qualified physician. At least, if there are any problems, the physician can be a ready help to reduce side effects. He may even recommend other solutions to your hair loss.

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