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Herbal Weight Gain

Yin and Yang are the two most fundamental concepts in Chinese medical philosophy. In anatomy, the human body is divided into yin and yang as follows: The internal region is yin, while the external region is yang; the fire viscera are Yin, while the six bowels are Yang.

In physiology, Yin stands for storage of energy while Yang stands for human activities. In pathology, Yin and Yang are used to describe two basic patterns of drainage. When Yang wins a victory there will be fever; when yin wins a victory there will be chill.

When yang is in deficiency, it will cause chill sensation in the superficial region; when yin is in deficiency there will be internal heat. Among the treatments based on this principle are sedating the excess and toning up the deficiency.

Herbal Weight Gain Principle in Action:

Herbal Weight Gain pills are used to improve the deficiency, for example yin or yang deficiency, energy deficiency , blood deficiency , shortage of fluids etc..

Herbal supplements helps improve food digestion, increase your appetite and strengthens your body’s absorption of vital nutrients. As a result of this higher metabolic absorption of the nutrients in our bodies, herbal weight gain supplements help your body convert food into body weight much more efficiently. In short, herbal weight gain supplements assists you to gain weight faster.

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