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Have you ever considered a vacation club membership? If you or your family members love to travel and do so even just once a year, you very well could be saving money and enjoying numerous benefits by purchasing a travel club membership. Not every vacation club is the same, however. Do your research before making such a purchase as many are lifetime investments. The following questions should help you make your decision about which vacation club may be right for you.

Question #1 - How much is the initial purchase price of the membership? Some vacation clubs have an exorbitant initial membership cost. The majority of vacation memberships will have an initial cost between $10,000-$20,000. In an article that I read recently, one family paid $37,650 for the rights to 600 points per year with Disney Vacation Club. Because most of these have limited weeks as well as limited resorts, for more details visit to the value of such a membership seems unlikely to be reclaimed. There are several luxury vacation clubs, however, that has significantly lower membership costs and provide equal to superior quality.

Question #2 - Are there additional fees associated with the purchase? Definitely avoid vacation clubs that charge yearly "maintenance fees." Shell Vacation Club, for example has a yearly maintenance fee over $500. If you're looking to transfer to a different resort, it will cost you $275. Maintenance fees with other vacation memberships can be as high as $1,000 per year.

Question #3 - How many weeks per year can this membership is used? Many clubs limit members to a certain number of weeks per year. Many, in fact, mandate what week you can travel. Booking additional weeks with most clubs will cost you several hundred dollars. Look for clubs, however, that allow unlimited weeks without incurring additional costs.

Question #4 - Does the membership have the potential to produce income? This may not interest everyone, but there are some lucrative vacation club memberships that pay up to $2,000 commissions per referral. Don't overlook this opportunity as many have made sizeable incomes referring the same vacation club membership they purchased.

Question #5 - How many destinations does this vacation club have access to? Steer clear of clubs that are limited in the number of destination options. If you travel primarily in the United States, for more details visit to be sure to do your homework to make sure that there are numerous resorts to choose from domestically. One reputable membership option has over 5,400 locations worldwide with many locations in the US within driving distance.

Question #6 - Am I bound to a specific location or can I travel to any destination I choose? This is critical. Never purchase a membership that attaches you to one location. Gather your facts to know whether you will be required to pay a resort transfer fee. Most vacationers choose varied destinations every year and thus a vacation club membership that allows any location you choose would be most desired.

Question #7 - Are there guest passes? If so, do I have to purchase additional weeks if family and friends want to benefit from my membership? You definitely want to look for a membership that allows guest passes without additional charges or fees. For those memberships that offer an income opportunity for referrals, this can also is an incredible chance for your friends or family to preview the product to possibly purchase later.

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