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The growth of Internet or online advertising

Advertising is the only way to become aware about the products or services or brands presence in the current market. One need to advertise their products and services worldwide in terms of internet advertising, mobile advertising, radio advertising, print advertising, airport advertising, television advertising and outdoor advertising to become popular in the challenger market. Initially internet advertising is not so popular because of its long and tedious process for finding any information and also we were not sure about the information whether the information we are getting is accurate or not. Currently with the help of advertising in terms of internet advertising, mobile advertising, radio advertising, print advertising, television advertising, we can access the right path to the internet and get the relevant information.

With the boom in worldwide advertising in terms of internet advertising, mobile advertising, radio advertising, print advertising, television advertising and airport advertising; about 85% of the internet traffic today is generated from search engines, as searches are performed frequently with the help of search engines. The cost per lead of internet advertising is lowest among all available marketing channels. Nowadays search for products and services is performed on the web. With the increased awareness of web users of internet, more and more online portals are being built to drive sales through internet advertising. Gone are the days when traditional method of advertising was the only way to create awareness of a company's products or services. Companies allocate huge amount of budget for internet advertising as well as other advertising strategies like television advertising, outdoor advertising, mobile advertising, airport advertising, and print advertising. The added advantage of internet advertising is not only it helps in creating brand awareness and helps in offering information about different products and services but at the same time it is a very important medium of generating sales. We all approach for easy and convenient ways of getting work done due to a busy life style. This has lead to huge amount of sales resulting directly through internet because it can be accessed any time any where, only we need to have the accessing device with the internet connectivity. Apart from a recent research conducted; about Billions of offline sales was result of online searches made through internet advertising.
Different Mediums of Internet Advertising –
1. Search Engine Optimization also known as Organic or Natural Search Results
2. Advertisement on popular portals also known as Banner Advertising
3. Pay Per Click Advertisements also known as Paid Advertising
4. E-mail Marketing
5. Affiliate Marketing
6. Comparison Shopping
7. Optimization of social media
8. Forum Posting, Bogging, Directory Submissions, Article Submissions and Press Releases.
9. Viral Marketing
With people getting more and more driven to internet, it is very important for companies now to focus on generating traffic to their business through internet as well as creating ways to generate sales through online mediums. So start focusing on internet advertising now!

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