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Easy Writing Tips For Your Ad

People in general don’t want to read ads that are long, dense, and don’t explain the benefits clearly. Ads are supposed to get your target clients’ attention in a snap. Unless your ad or article clearly outweigh the time it takes to learn your benefits, then whatever you have to say would just be lost that quickly.

Often, consumers have scarcely the time to stop and read whatever it is that business owners write when printing articles in their ads. Bear in mind that target clients are already busy with other things to keep them alive. And most of the time, readers would only invest their own time to reading content that are useful to them, as well as those that are easy to read.

Time is scarce for most clients. As long as you remember that in your next marketing campaign, then you’ll have a much better chance of getting their attention and keeping it.

Here’s a few suggestion on how to increase the effectiveness of your marketing content when printing articles:

Start with the most important. –

Think of your ad as an inverted pyramid. The most important message should be at the top. Consumers don’t like reading very long and dense marketing copy. If you can give them the gist from the very first paragraph, they would be able to grasp what you would want to say even before boredom sets in.

Include lists. –

Include lists in your print ad so your readers can easily scan and understand your message, without even having to read through your article.

Be clear and concise. –

Nobody has the time to read so many words nowadays, so don’t make it hard for your clients to read your ad. If you can write your 100-word graphic design articles for example, in say, 50 words or less, the better. The point here is to respect your target client’s time and say your message quickly.

Write a good headline and title. –

Readers often decide whether they will read on or not with the headline you have. Your title can make your target clients want to invest more time to getting to know more of your message. If you can tell your reader exactly what they can expect from your printing articles, then it won’t be too hard for them to actually stop and read more of what you got.

Use shorter paragraphs. –

Shorter paragraphs make it easier for your readers to get your point. Try to have one thought in each paragraph. And if you can, use a maximum of 3 sentences to emphasize your thought.

Increase the chances of your ad getting read. Reduce your words and you’ll surely get your readers to stick around to get your point.

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