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Is Different Better In Your Business Cards?

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Is it better to have a different business card? Better yet, is an unusual design to your business card printing right for your business?

Maybe you’re thinking that with the fast changing times, the standard black-on-white cards are just so obsolete and should be made to retire. And that a different design would get you the attention you need to gain new clients.

Having an effective business card printing depends on how your clients see you. Your being unique and different define how you are perceived as a market mover in your industry. Most of the time, being different and unusual gets you to stand out from the rest of the competition. That’s why many marketers and gurus would tell you that different is often better.

But before you jump in and start designing your “unusual” business card, you might want to consider the advantages and disadvantages of having a non-traditional business card printing.

The Benefits Of An Unusual Design

- Being different definitely gets you noticed. Even if you have a ho-hum personality, often, a well designed card can impress the socks out of your recipients. Since it’s the first item that your client would see from you, it is better to give them a card that’s worth remembering.

- They are usually kept as souvenirs. Because it’s something new and different, unique business cards are more often kept than the standard ones, usually more for their design value than the actual information in it.

- They last much longer than the standard print business cards. Since they’re printed on durable materials, they last far longer than an ordinary one made of paper. Online business card printing sites offer a wide array of choices from plastic material, to wood and even metal stock.

- A different kind of business card is great collateral to complement a particular product or service. A print card made of wood can emphasize your antique furniture business.

- Non-traditional design also provides different purpose to your cards. For sticker cards or magnetic cards, you hand them out as a regular card but they can be used to stick on brochures, computer screen, or as magnetic decoration on the fridge.

On the other hand, the disadvantage of having an unusual design is first and foremost, it’s expensive. Of course you’re using a different kind of stock for your cards so it follows that it will cost you more to print an unusual card design than a standard one.

Second, as their shapes are different, they are commonly very hard to store. As most stocks such as metal and wood have unusual thickness, business cards made of these stocks can’t be easily tucked inside an album or a regular card holder. Hence, it’s easier to lose these cards.

Lastly, it’s difficult to write on its surface especially if it’s made of plastic or metal. Most recipients usually write additional information for them to be able to match the card to its owner. Unusual cards make it hard to do such a thing.

Whether it’s online business card printing or the more traditional way of printing your cards, to understand both sides can help you make the most suitable decision for your marketing collaterals.

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