Saturday, 20 December 2008

Functional Blog Posts Edit

Here's a page you'll get when you click on the Layout --> Page Elements --> Blog Posts Edit tab. You might have used a template that didn't work properly in that some of the options you checked in the boxes above didn't show up in your blog posts.

We've fixed all the newer templates so that all these options work fine. All of these templates are labeled BPE ok (Blog Posts Edit ok).

However, the old templates also work fine, except that you might find the boxes "Links to this post", "Show Quick Editing", and "Show Email Post Links" don't show up in the blog posts. No big deal actually, and it doesn't really affect much of your blogging anyway. And the "Links to this post" show up on the post-page below the Comment section anyway, so you won't lose out on that.

If you're using older templates where the Blog Posts Edit Pencil button might not be working. If you want it turned on, read this instruction.

And if your 'Links to this Post' link, or the Backlink, is not working, read this instruction.

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