Saturday, 20 December 2008

Expandable Posts

What is it?
The "Read more..." option (aka "expandable posts") allows you to show a shorter version of a longer post, or a summarized version, in the main page of the blog. The readers can then expand the post to its longer full version in the post-page by clicking the "Read more..." button. This option is great if you have posts that are too long to be shown on the main page.

For this code, the "Read more..." link will only show up for the posts that have been selected to show the link, which is a good thing. There are other versions of the code that won't function properly: the "Read more..." link shows up even if you don't want it to show up.

To get all the templates with this Expandable Posts function, make sure the templates are labeled with Expandable posts.
How to use it?
Most of the new templates here have been added with the 'Expandable Posts' code. You pretty much don't have to do anything much. The only thing you need to do is to separate each post you publish into two parts:
The summary part that will show up both in the shorter version and the full version.
The other part that shows up only in the full version in its post-page.
To do this, you first have to click the 'Edit Html' button, and add the following code (in red) into your post editor and separate your post according to the example below. You can continue writing in the 'Compose' mode but the fullpost-separator tags won't show up.

Type your summary here

Type rest of the post here

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